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What you need to know about Presenting: Earth!

What is this all about?

Presenting Earth brings the power of Google Earth with the simple intuitive game-like experience to allow you to create movies, tours, etc.

Is it free?

Yes, you can use it for free. If you want even more options, you can pay a small fee to unlock them.

Can I save my work?

Yes, you can download it to your computer, either directly or through Google Earth.

Can I make a movie, like a DVD?

You will need to download to Google Earth Pro to make a traditional movie. That's Google's policy. But you can view your movie here or on any site you embed it on without the need for Google Earth Pro.

Can I import tours from Google Earth?


Can I add my own models, or models from Google's 3d Warehouse?


Can I make things move around?


Do I have more control over my camera than what Google Earth allows?

Yes! When you use Google Earth to go between 'placemarks'  it will sometimes take wild jumps. Dramatic, but seldom what you really wanted. Google's 'Record a Tour' will record all of your movement, including jitter, glitches, pauses, and other mishaps that just don't look professional. Presenting Earth lets you clean that up, or avoid it completely.

Can I add sound?

Yes! You can define when sounds start and stop. This can be music (MP3's for example), or sound effects, or voice-overs, whatever you like. (soon)

Can I add graphics, like my logo?

Yes! And you decide when and where the graphics appear. (soon)

Can I add text overlays, like credits and subtitles?

Yes! You have full control of this. (soon)

Can I add in-scene 'balloon' text, like Placemarks?

Yes (soon)

Can I share my presentations, and how?

Yes! You are given a link to your presentation that you can email or post anywhere. If you want to actually embed your presentation on a web site,  such as your own, or MySpace, or a blog, or email, etc., you are given some text to copy/paste into your site.

Can I see my presentation 'full screen'?

Yes. Preview is just a small sample. Play is nearly full screen. You will be able to make it go full screen (soon)

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